Why type everything when you can speak it? Typing queries on the search engine has become a matter of past, with the advancements in technology, now it is the time of voice searches.
Here’s how voice search is going to impact the digital marketing world and why you need to change and optimize your SEO strategies.
1.) Voice Search
Voice search is an advanced technology that recognizes the speech and allows the user to search through the web.
Voice search and speech recognition are not new to us, but with the introduction of Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant, people are dramatically shifting to voice searches.
According to Forbes, 30% of the website sessions will be conducted without a screen by 2020.
2.) Voice Search and Users
No doubt that it is easier to speak than to type. In the world where people are getting busier, they prefer to give a spoken command than to open the browser and type it. It is time-saving as well as convenient for the users.
When it comes to accessibility, there are numerous voice search devices from Alexa to Siri, to Google assistant, everyone has at least one of them.
3.) Impact on Digital Marketing
With users shifting towards voice search, businesses also need to change their digital marketing and SEO strategies to stay in focus and to survive the drastic change.
Old SEO strategies will not work the same way, they need to be voice search optimized to appear in the featured snippets because that is what voice search focuses on. Along with that, it is going to impact the Local SEO giving a huge opportunity to local businesses to grow.
Final Words
The technological advancement and shift caused due to voice search can be a great challenge for digital marketers but also a great opportunity if they understood the importance of voice search optimization and implemented it in their SEO strategies.
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