Alexa, “How do I optimize my content for voice search?”
Hey Siri, “What are the changes that I need to make in my SEO strategies?”
As per the PWC report, 71% of respondents would rather use their voice assistant to search for something than physically typing their queries.
We are already familiar with the Impact of Voice Search on Digital Marketing and why we should optimize our content in line with it.
With the launch of Alexa, Siri and Google assistant (many more to come), it has become a high time for marketers to understand and optimize the content and SEO strategies according to voice search.
The queries when typed, gives different results than when searched with a voice search assistant. And now, the question arises that how you can optimize your content so that it ranks in voice search results.
Stick with me here because you will get the answer to your question by the end of this blog post.
Long-tail keywords are the keywords with longer word counts and that makes them more specific. You should use long-tail keywords as people are lazy when they type but not when they speak, they can be more specific about what exactly they are looking for. At the same time, people usually search as if they are talking, so you must recognize natural speech patterns and write in a conversational manner.
Voice search has a huge impact on Local SEO as most of the queries are related to local and small businesses. According to a Score Report, 58% of customers use voice search to find information about local businesses.
Most of us, when using voice search, use phrases like “digital marketing agency near me” or “which is the best digital marketing agency in Bareilly?” For the phrases that include words like “near me”, a search engine uses their current location to show the results that is why it is important to list your business.
Your SEO strategies should aim for featured snippets. Featured snippets are the answers that come in a box as the top result. The voice search assistant delivers the text in the featured snippet to the user. Your content should not sound like a robot, the language must be understandable by an average person, as Google pays more attention to serve the masses.
Most of the time, voice search is used on mobile phones, which means your website should be mobile-friendly. A mobile-optimized and faster-loading website will retain the users and prevent them from bouncing back.
That brings us to the end of how to voice search optimize your SEO strategies and the changes you need to make in your Search Engine Optimization strategies. With the changing scenarios and new technologies coming into the trend, marketers also need to change their strategies to keep up with their competitors.
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