Thinking to start a YouTube Channel? We already know why YouTube Marketing is a great idea for building a brand, but it is not that easy to stand out from the crowd.
400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, which is a huge number. There is so much content on YouTube and it can be a bit challenging to get ranked in the first few search results. But, it isn’t impossible either, all you need is to optimize your YouTube Channel and Videos.
Stay with me now because you are about to find out how to optimize your YouTube Channel- –
A person gets to know what your channel is about by looking at just a few words i.e. your Channel Name. So, it is important to get a proper channel name for your YouTube Channel. Here are some tips:
    • If you have a business, you can simply use your brand name as a channel name.
    • If you are an individual, you can either use your own name or you can make a unique name that signifies what your channel is about.
Apart from this, you can mix the two mentioned above.
A profile picture is your channel icon which shows up with every video you post and on your home page. So, a professional and clear profile picture must be used. Here are a few suggestions:
    • For a business, a brand logo works the best.
    • For an individual, both, a logo or their own image can work.
Channel Art is the banner that shows up as the header on your home page. It goes without saying that it must be eye-catchy and should grab the attention of the visitors. Along with that, it should include the important information about your channel like the days you post, social media handles, what your channel is about, etc. But again, it should not look messy.
The about section should never be ignored, it is meant to add the information about your channel. It must be optimized with main keywords and the links of other social media handles or website must be added.
You can upload a featured video that shows up at the top of the home page of your channel. For the people who are visiting your YouTube Channel for the first time, it works as a channel trailer, through which they get to know what the channel is all about. So, keeping that in mind, the channel trailer must be breath-taking as well as explanatory.
Creating playlists is a way to organize your content. An organized content looks appealing and it becomes easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for. Moreover, you can suggest a whole playlist instead of just one video to the viewers.
Final Words
With this, we come to an end of YouTube Channel Optimization | YouTube SEO (Part-1). But this is not it! In YouTube SEO (Part 2), we will be explaining how to optimize your YouTube videos.