In the earlier blog post, you learned aboutoptimizing your YouTube Channel. Once you are done with YouTube Channel Optimization, next is to optimize your YouTube Videos.
According to Business of Apps, YouTube is the second largest Search Engine after Google. So it is clear that along with the content, optimizing the YouTube Videos plays an important role. So let me walk you through the world of YouTube optimization.
The title plays a key role when it comes to the ranking of your video on YouTube. A fair amount of keyword research is required before you find the perfect title for your video. For instance, DezignApe Technology is uploading a video related to their company, then, the title must include “Digital Marketing Agency” as they are the main keywords relating to the video.
2.) TAGS
Tags should never be ignored. Tags increase the discoverability of your video. The keywords that you couldn’t use in your title, this is the place where you must add them. Don’t forget to use the combination of all, long-tail keywords, short-tail keywords, and medium-tail keywords. When it comes to finding relevant keywords, you can use a keyword research tool as well as simply Google it (preferred for long-tail keywords). Here’s how you can do the keyword research for your YouTube Video:
A good thumbnail will help to increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your video. It does not have to be clickbait but it must catch the eye of the viewer and generate curiosity among them. There are various apps that can help you with making a catchy thumbnail for your YouTube video.
I can almost hear you thinking, “Who even reads the description?” And the answer is YouTube. YouTube can recognize the keywords and make the video discoverable accordingly. Also, you can make people go through the description box by including the links they might be interested in. You might have heard this line before, “link is in the description box”, didn’t you?
Cards, also known as the “I button” can be seen at the upper right corner of the video while the End screen includes the video suggestions that appear at the end of the video. You can include videos or even a whole playlist in both of them. Cards and End screen help in increasing the viewership of your videos and lets the viewer binge-watch your content on YouTube.
Categorize your YouTube videos by going through the advanced settings option. It will help YouTube to understand the type of video and in suggesting it to the right audience.
Bottom Line
Congrats! You are all caught up. Now that you know how to optimize your YouTube Videos, you are ready to start your YouTube journey.
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